Every Christian who signs up for an online dating site have come across the non-Christian members who contact you even though you specify Christian matches.  If you are not on a strictly Christian dating site then you are searchable by all members no matter their religious beliefs.  Anyone can contact you and if you do not ask... read more

When you first start dating as a Christian, character takes on a renewed importance. Everybody would like to have a partner with awesome character traits, but when you are a Christian it takes on a whole other level of importance. Christians are concerned with their eternity as well as their earthly existence. For this reason, it... read more

If you have children, the time will come when they are ready for dating. This time will vary from family to family but even if your teen does not date until he or she leaves home, it’s your job as the parent to prepare them for when dating does happen. Yet many parents are just not sure how they are supposed to go about this. There... read more

Being a single Christian woman can have its own rewards and risks as there are choices in dates that have to be made that would not be an issue for other women.  You want to find a man who is Christian like you and also who has those good qualities most women seek in their men.  While this may seem like a tall order, it is not... read more

Christian dating can be more difficult than many people realize because our faith teaches us that certain things are not allowed, such as putting another person before God or having sex before marriage. These are things that Christians have trouble explaining to those outside of the church, which is why dating someone who understands... read more

Christian dating can be fun and exciting even though there are more restrictions to adhere to. The main restriction involves avoiding a sexual relationship but most everything else is the same. There are several stages of Christian dating that you’ll go through and each one of the stages helps you to get to know the person better,... read more

Anyone who is looking to start dating needs to take a step back and understand who they are before they try to figure out who they want to date in the future.  While the old saying is true that opposites attract, if you do not know who you are, how can you know your opposite is?  Having said that, there are some things that are... read more

Sometimes people get the wrong idea about Christian dating. Even many Christians fall into the myths that surround dating among the Christian faith. There are many misconceptions about faith and the attitudes we are supposed to have towards others. Our attitudes towards dating can even influence the types of dates we get and the... read more

The dating scene is not always easy. It’s even harder when you practice a certain faith and are looking for a mate that shares your morals and values. Christian men often make some common but serious mistakes when dating and looking for love. These mistakes can put you on the wrong path and you might then wonder why you can’t... read more

Finding a good Christian partner in today’s dating world can be a very tough thing. Much of society lives in the moment rather than for eternity. Pleasure at any price is the mantra of some to be sure. This can make looking for a Christian partner akin to trying to find a needle in a haystack. It is for this reason that many Christians... read more