10 Questions for Single Christian Women to Ask their Dates

Being a single Christian woman can have its own rewards and risks as there are choices in dates that have to be made that would not be an issue for other women.  You want to find a man who is Christian like you and also who has those good qualities most women seek in their men.  While this may seem like a tall order, it is not difficult to weed out those men who are not marriage or husband material so you can concentrate on those who are right.

Why it is Important to Weed Out the Wrong Men

At the end of the day, you do not want to fall in love with a man who is just totally wrong for you.  If you exert your time and energy into a man who does not have the right qualities then you may wind up in a marriage that you cannot get out of with children who are not raised in the Christian faith.  It is not uncommon for a woman to fall head over heels with a man who is not good without ever intending to.  So take the time to get to the right man so when you do fall in love, he has the values and character that you are looking for.

Asking the Right Questions

The following is a list a questions you can ask a man you meet before you date him.  Keep in mind, a good man will never have a problem answering these questions for you if he really cares and wants to be with you for the long term.  A man who does not answer these questions should be avoided at all costs because he is hiding something and it usually is not something good.

  1. Is He Sorry for His Sins? – It is human nature to sin as we all know and while Christians do try to live a sin free life, there are times when everyone slips up.  Being sorry for sin is the first step to atonement so it is important that the man you are with can own up to his sins and feel bad about them.  Those that cannot are not the men you want to be with and could possibly be sociopaths.
  2. Does He Have Too Much Pride? – A man who is too prideful may only be dating you for how it makes him look to others.  While it is one thing to be proud of the person you are with, taking pride too far can lead to dangerous temptations.  The man you want to be with should be more proud of you than he shows in himself.  This does not mean he should not want to be the best person he can be, but having pride in an expensive house and nice car is not a good trait.  Instead, he should show his pride in the works he does for others without expecting praise for it.
  3. Is He Humble? – Does he treat everyone the same no matter who they are?  Is the server at the restaurant just as important to him as the pastor at your church?  If he can honestly say yes and you can observe this in him then he is a humble man.  He does not put stake into the power trips of those who are well to do and everyone is an equal in his eyes.
  4. Is He Patient? – Yes, patience is a virtue but it not one that everyone posses and it is a character trait that you should definitely look for in a man.  At the end of the day, this is the man who may end up being the father to your children.  Do you want a man who patiently answers all your children’s questions about God and life or a man who does not have time for them?  The answer to this question is pretty obvious, isn’t it?
  5. Do Things Anger Him Easily? – A man who gets angry quickly is probably impatient as well so while you may not see the signs of his impatience, he will not be able to his anger.  It takes self control to curb anger and while everyone feels anger, it is how we deal with it that matters.  The man who is angered easily may lash out physically as well as mentally and emotionally.  Watch how he reacts at these times and see if he deals with his anger in a healthy way by talking it out or if he simply lashes out and apologizes later.
  6. Is He a Kind Person? – A kind person can not only speak words of love be he can show you how he feels in the little things he does for you.  This does not mean he buys you expensive pieces of jewelry but perhaps he makes you a nice lunch and brings it to work for you.  Maybe he knows you need comforting and he is there with a welcome shoulder.  These are signs of a kind man and you can spot him because people want to be around him because of his niceness.
  7. Is He Jealous? – Jealousy can be volatile and can turn someone into another person altogether.  While he may seem kind and patient, but as soon as another man talks to you or pays you more attention than he thinks you should be paid, he turns into an animal.  This man should be avoided at all costs.  If he ever shows these signs before you are married, not matter how much you love him, you should reconsider the relationship.  This will not get better after the wedding and in fact he can become violent towards you.
  8. Is He Respectful? – A respectful man will open your door for you and ask you what you would like to do on a date.  He will also respect your wishes about sexual issues that may come up before the wedding and would never expect any more from you than you are comfortable with.  Any man that pressures you to go against your faith is not worth your time or you love.
  9. Does He Put Anything Above God? – In a Christian relationship, God is number one and everything else falls into place behind Him.  Does this man miss church because he has a business meeting that is more important to him?  Will he stay at home watching a sporting game rather than show his devotion to God?  If he cannot put the Lord first, then you nor your children will be first before his work and what he wants.
  10. Does He Share Your Values? – Finally, the man you want to date and ultimately spend your life with should share your values and moral code.  Your potential children will be raised by this man so you want him to instill the same values that you have.  A good man will do this; a man you do not want to be with may try to undermine your morals to your children in his actions.

If you can find a man who you can say has all of the characteristics listed above, then you have found a man worthy of your time and attention.  A good Christian man can be hard to find but the search is well worth it in the long run.  He is the one you raise your children with and who you share the rest of your life with so make sure he is a man you want to be around for a very long time.

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