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Below, you can submit a dating site, or other good Love, Dating, or Christian Living Resource for Review that you feel is suitable for Christians.

Be sure to tell us exactly why you like the website, why it is a good choice for finding Christians to Date, as well as why you do not, and if you have suggestions for areas of the site, list them out. Sections you may consider for review include Match quality, quantity of suitable members, Faith of the site Founders, Safe Dating factors, level of spam and fake profiles, search options, cost, customer service, communication options, general features, ease of navigation, help and support, site reliability, and more. GIving details and specific suggestions for improvement, as well as praising outstanding features is important because when the dating site reads its review and is selected a a suggested Christian Dating Site, they will be more likely to incorporate your suggestions in the future.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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