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Holiness for Ordinary People

Personal expression
Keith Drury

A practical guide and lesson-plan for making oneself Christlike, which is really the proper goal for any follower of Christ. The Son of Man taught and preached to ordinary people, so this book emphasizes that we are to take part in this holiness. Daily obstacles and setbacks we have to deal with are discussed, with excellently chosen Bible passages for instruction.


The Purpose Driven Life

Personal expression
Rick Warren

Pastor Rick Warren offers a book which is like an operational guide to living with faith, making decisions in the light of faith, and achieving goals. Belief that God has a plan, a purpose in making you is a must -- and then everything follows. Warren employs modern communications tech in his teaching, hoping this book is significant and useful enough for readers to want to use it everyday.


The Story for Children: A Storybook Bible

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Max Lucada, Karen Hill, Randy Frazee

Bible stories written for preschoolers through second grade. A great foundation of Bible knowledge through the fascinating stories that comprise the New and Old Testaments. Told in a way that demonstrates that God is love and not just a voice from the sky. Memorable and valuable to the young, ethical teachings form young minds.