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Here are our suggested Christian Books for your reading enjoyment. One section of is specifically focused on Christian Dating, and thus called Christian Dating Books and the other sections cover a range of topics of interest, ranging quite a bit. Please suggest and review any additional books that you feel are valuable reading material for Christians.

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The Fruit of the Spirit: Becoming the Person God Wants You to Be

Thomas E. Trask

How do we deal with the divisive, cynical, infamous details of modern living -- and remain Christians? How to do more than control your temper, but actively become patient and compassionate? This book offers guidance to the center of one's spirituality, toward a happy, grateful, and loving life.


Holiness for Ordinary People

Personal expression
Keith Drury

A practical guide and lesson-plan for making oneself Christlike, which is really the proper goal for any follower of Christ. The Son of Man taught and preached to ordinary people, so this book emphasizes that we are to take part in this holiness. Daily obstacles and setbacks we have to deal with are discussed, with excellently chosen Bible passages for instruction.


23 Minutes in Hell

Bill Wiese

One night in 1998, Bill Wiese suddenly and inexplicably experienced being catapulted out of my bed into a stone cell in a place he couldn't help recognizing as the actual Hell most of us have been taught about. Afterwards, he began writing about it and drawing interpretations from Scripture that matched what he'd felt. This is his story, complete with his wife's testimony of that night, and Wiese's reflections.


The Purpose Driven Life

Personal expression
Rick Warren

Pastor Rick Warren offers a book which is like an operational guide to living with faith, making decisions in the light of faith, and achieving goals. Belief that God has a plan, a purpose in making you is a must -- and then everything follows. Warren employs modern communications tech in his teaching, hoping this book is significant and useful enough for readers to want to use it everyday.


Loving God

Charles Colson

Charles Colson, a former member of disgraced President Nixon's inner circle, served 7 months in prison for crimes during the Watergate scandal. He converted to Christianity, formed a now-nationwide prison ministry, and wrote avidly on theology and questions facing Christians. Even his detractors must admit that a brilliant mind and tireless energies are evident in his work.


Love Amid the Ashes

Mesu Andrews

A look at the life of Job, woven into a story. Told through the points of view of women of his family and household. This well-known tale is given flesh and life by a talented writer, who makes the Bible more real to us -- and Job's sufferings and his endlessly faithful endurance more significant.


The Living Bible

Kenneth Taylor

This paraphrased, or modern rewording of the Bible is offered to help people today understand texts which are very difficult for any reader, composed of ancient translations which themselves are hard to understand. Published by Tynedale House, which has printed numerous authoritative Bibles throughout the years


Last Days Madness

Gary Demar

Demar writes on Biblical prophecy, a favorite subject of many. Armageddon, the AntiChrist, Revelation, and much more are explained in painstaking detail with attention to the Scriptural passages involved. This is a guide for thinking about such a huge subject, provided for today's faithful.


The Story for Children: A Storybook Bible

Personal expression
Max Lucada, Karen Hill, Randy Frazee

Bible stories written for preschoolers through second grade. A great foundation of Bible knowledge through the fascinating stories that comprise the New and Old Testaments. Told in a way that demonstrates that God is love and not just a voice from the sky. Memorable and valuable to the young, ethical teachings form young minds.


The Pursuit of Holiness

Jerry Bridges

In some long-ago time we weren't afraid to talk about trying to be holy, because we knew what we were talking about. Now that it must be defined, Bridges makes it clear to readers, and how important it is that Christians start the attempt to strive toward it. The timelessness of such a goal is evident in the writing. In the words of a reader, To trivialize sin is to trivialize the love of God.


The Wonderful Spirit-Filled Life

Charles F. Stanley

Rev. Stanley tells readers the Holy Spirit is a he, not an it. As he explores all the ways the Holy Spirit acts in a Christian's life, with Scriptural quotes for support, it becomes abundantly clear the third person of the Trinity is as vital and active as the Father and Son. A very appealing read for any beginner or lifelong Christian.


Beginner's Guide to Receiving the Holy Spirit

Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock

All about the idea of spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit, and generally the charismatic view towards Christianity. Speaking in tongues, sacred dancing, and more is discussed. Presentation of the work of the Holy Spirit, with Biblical support.


A Totally Spiritual Life

Tammy Fyke

How to live a Biblical life, related by a woman who had, earlier in her life, completely failed God -- she ended up in prison on accessory to murder charges. Her revival of spirit and her path are contained in this book, along with the rules she discovered along the way that ensure one's walk with God.


Who Am I? The Christian Hunger for Self-Identity

Thomas Robert L

A guide to Christian thinking, since it determines one's actions. Author Robert Thomas devotes each chapter to a specific need or sphere within our lives and, using Biblical passages sorts out how to adjust our thoughts concerning each thing, such as: possessions, family, how much to love Jesus.


Holy Discontent: Fueling the Fire That Ignites Personal Vision

Bill Hybels

Any career requires motivation to keep going and to stay on mission. Where that motivation comes from is of particular importance to the Christian (since being one is a lifelong career), and the author of this book examines it in order to help people to keep their faith, and further, to grow and develop it. Such motivation can make the difference that enlivens your heart.


Maximum Faith: Live Like Jesus

George Barna

This book challenges all people to be all the Christian you can be. The author shares his research into transformed lives, with a narrative of one person's journey in particular. Barna relates a 10-stop journey for individuals or churches to follow.


Holding Hands Holding Hearts

Christian dating
Sharon L. Phillips and Richard D. Phillips

Author Sharon Phillips steps into an important arena with this book, discussing what the Bible tells about relationships and what is right when it comes to dating. Commitment, attraction, how to approach that first date with a Christian perspective.


God's Design for Christian Dating

Christian dating
Greg Laurie

This book explores what the Bible has to say about dating and love. We know there's marriage in there, but for the preliminaries to marriage such as dating, author Greg Laurie uncovers scriptural passages that he explains as relevant today for the single person. A subject of primary importance now that people are meeting in nontraditional ways.


Christian Dating: Managing the Relationship Maze

Christian dating
Martin Sweet

Martin Sweet straightens everyone out to start with: Christian life means giving of oneself. Therefore, dating and marriage represent a microcosm of that, and need to be approached with an eye to your entire life as a Christian. He guides men and women toward a good life.


Midnight Kiss: Simplifying Christian Dating

Christian dating
Casey W. Moore

With clarity about what dating and marriage really are, Christians can negotiate the maze of romance more easily. A Biblical approach to dating, so people don't lose their way and think it's something it really is not. Casey Moore offers a new look at things.


World Wide Search: The Savvy Christian's Guide to Online Dating

Christian dating
Cheryl Green

So perfect for what trends are now, this book is for everyone who considers himself Christian and is looking at online dating sites for possible partners. Since this section of the internet is exploding, how does the Christian decide where to look, and how to discern good people on those sites? This book is your help.


The Black Christian Singles Guide to Dating and Sexuality

Christian dating
Chris Jackson

Both a practical guide -- to prepare young singles for dating, intimacy and marriage with Christian principles -- and a broader discussion of male-female relationships including sexuality and social influences. For African American young singles, special attention is paid to communication and the Biblical idea of dating.


How to Get to 'I Do': A Dating Guide for Catholic Women

Christian dating
Amy Bonaccorso

An open-eyed, realistic book of advice for single women, concentrating on what kind of men are really out there: good men. How to steer your dating life towards the goal of finding a good marriage partner. Strategic dating explained, employing what's available to women now, especially internet dating.


Choosing God's Best: Wisdom for Lifelong Romance

Christian dating
Don Raunikar

A better, Biblical way to find Christian romance and commitment. How to stop relying on luck or taking risks you shouldn't. The author talks about the difficulties singles must contend with, but the Bible offers a perspective on how to approach dating.


The Ten Commandments of Dating: Time-Tested Laws for Building Successful Relationships

Christian dating
Ben Young, Dr. Samuel Adams

Authors Young and Adams provide 10 relationship laws that seem to hold for long-lasting, great, committed love. They give advice on how to use these to steer your way through modern dating and find a real partner. Dating today, after all, could use some road signs and laws.


Date or Soul Mate?: How to Know if Someone is Worth Pursuing in Two Dates or Less

Christian dating
Neil Clark Warren

Dr. Warren, famous for founding the online dating site, is also the person who came up with the basis for their personality tests for compatibility. He approaches the subject of dating with the same practical and straight-forward attitude. Here's how to find if a couple has enough in common of the most important elements of harmonious life to make it a good idea to keep on dating.


More Than a Match: How to Turn the Dating Game into Lasting Love

Christian dating
Michael and Amy Smalley

A book for taking the next step, past the personality-test matchups and quizzes. What happens next in a forming relationship? How to take an undetermined twosome towards a real, working, living, loving partnership. The authors examine online dating and its pluses and minuses.


Going Out, Marriage and Sex: What The Bible Says About It

Christian dating
Chris Richards and Liz Jones

Two medical doctors write about dating, sex, & marriage for Christians and references from the Bible to help people know what God asks of us. The book talks about the idea of purity, personal mistakes, and other issues we must clarify for ourselves in this 21st century. Learn how to date and still pursue holiness.


Devotions for Dating Couples: Building a Foundation for Spiritual Intimacy

Christian dating
Ben Young, Dr. Samuel Adams

So perfect for what trends are now, this book is for everyone who considers himself Christian and is looking at online dating sites for possible partners. Since this section of the internet is exploding, how does the Christian decide where to look, and how to discern good people on those sites? This book is your help.


12 Questions to Ask Before You Marry

Christian dating
Clayton King and Charie King

These questions help you discover your expectations and your partner's, religious backgrounds, past relationships, desires for family and the future, financial habits and goals, vocational aspirations, and other important life concerns. A strong exercise and practical guide for marriage-minded couples, and an excellent tool to use in pre-marriage classes.

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