You may be wondering how in the world is Christian dating like fishing and you would be right to ask.  After all, finding a good man is not easy particularly for Christian women who have a set of morals and beliefs that may not be felt by men in the world.  But if you look at dating and use the same tactics that fishermen use to find their fish, you will be surprised at the outcome.  There is a certain skill to fishing that can be used in the dating world if you put them in to practice. This goes through the process of finding a good Christian man and how you can be success on your “fishing” adventure.

Fishing Basics

When you go fishing, you do not just find a river, lake or pond and drop any old bait in expecting to catch any old fish.  At least, the good fishermen do not do this instead they plan out their fishing excursions to the finest detail.  They know the fish they are looking for, the rod and reel they should use the location where the particular fish can be found and the bait that they need to use.  This is the same in the dating game.  You need to know the type of man you want, what it takes to meet him, where this type of man can generally be found and what you should do to “land” him.  It is all about research and learning the places to go to and those places where the right man is not likely to be found.

Now, there are always times when a fisherman expects to catch bass such as in a lake that is known for them, this does not mean there are not other fish there.  Alternatively, when you go out for catfish, this does not mean you may not catch crappie.  But if you take the time to learn these things, you are more than likely to catch the type of man you want and you can always throw back those who do not have those traits you do not want.  This may sound harsh but why waste your time and the man’s time when he does not have the value system, moral code or religious beliefs that you live by?

Translating Fishing into Dating

In order to find the man you want to date and eventually spend your life with, you can use the above fishing analogy to your advantage.  Here you will learn the techniques that fishermen use but the only difference is that you are looking for a partner.  The following translates fishing techniques into some of the best dating advice for Christian women:

  • What Type of Man Do You Want? – Well, this can be a wide open question but there are some prerequisites that you can start off with.  Do you want a man who is taller than you or who has a certain hair color?  These are very basic questions but they do matter in the long run since you are the one who has to live with your choices.  Since you are Christian, it is assumed that you would like a man with the same faith that you have.  There are many different faith systems in the Christian religion so you should also know if you want to stay within your denomination or if you are alright dating outside of it.
  • What You Should Use to Find a Man – Your mind is the rod and reel that you should use to find a man that you want to be with.  You can do this by being smart enough to detect someone early on who is not right for you or who does not bring the values you want in a man.  You can also use this to locate the areas where these men can be found just like throwing out your line in the water brings in certain fish.  Bass are typically found on the shore and catfish are found in the bottom of the water typically wallowing in the mud.
  • Know Where the Fish/Men Are – First of all, you want to target a certain type of man.  This is the same as fishing in that a fisherman will go to the ocean for saltwater fish but the lake or river for freshwater fish.  If you want to find a good Christian man, you are not finding him hanging out at bars or strip clubs.  Instead, cast your line in church or Christian social groups, you can even try a Christian dating site because you know that he has the same love for God that you do.  Even the gym is a great place to look for a good man because you know that he cares about his body and the body is a temple of God.
  • The Bait – You are the bait so if you want to find a good Christian man you do not want to be dressed inappropriately or to suggestively.  Dress modestly while still fashionable and allow him to see the real you and not a person that a good Christian man would not want to associate with.  Your personality is your best bait so make sure to always ask him about himself and his interests and be truthful and honest when he asks about you.  Let him know up front what you want from a relationship and how he would fit into the plan.  While this may seem forward, if he simply wants a sexual relationship and this is not something you want, then you should not waste either your or his time.
  • Reeling Him In – Again, you have to reel him in just like a fisherman reels in the fish he catches on his line only this is a live person so you want to be even more cautious.  There are times that you may find that you got the catfish that was on the edge of the water instead of the bass you were actually fishing for.  Be prepared to let a few go before you find the keeper.  Once you find the keeper or the man you want to get to know better, take things slow and allow the relationship to blossom.  Many a good fish is lost when a fisherman gets too excited and reels in his line too fast and did not allow the fish to work the line properly.  Yes, this step does take the most patience but this is a virtue you should put to good use if you want to find a man who is worthy of your love, time and devotion.

Fishing can be a wonderful sport but it does take patience and determination so be prepared for the down times because once you find the perfect fish/man, the wait is well worth it.  Just remember to look for your man in the right location, to offer the right bait, to use the correct tool which is your mind and personality and reel him slowly.  Some may still not believe that this process actually works but if you use these tips and take them for what they are, a new way of looking at dating, then you can find the man of your dreams and you can have the fairy tale happy ending!