The dating scene is not always easy. It’s even harder when you practice a certain faith and are looking for a mate that shares your morals and values. Christian men often make some common but serious mistakes when dating and looking for love. These mistakes can put you on the wrong path and you might then wonder why you can’t find your Ms. Right.

Big Dating Mistakes

When you make these mistakes in dating, you can get in your own way of finding happiness. Your mental state can affect who you attract to you and making certain mistakes might cause you to waste time with the wrong person instead of finding the woman who God has planned for you.

Here are some common dating mistakes men make:

Going After Looks Alone: There’s nothing wrong with a pretty girl but Biblical studies tell us we should look for more than just the outward appearance. While it is true that even Christian men will look at appearance before judging a woman’s faith. While we are all made to have a physical attraction to our mates, we do still have to be careful that we are not going for looks alone. The outward appearance is easily judged but it is what is on the inside that is most important. If you don’t take the time to look deeper, then you close your doors on potential life partners. Are you looking for God’s will in your life or only looking for those you find the prettiest?

Fear of Rejection: Fear of rejection has been holding men back on the dating scene for pretty much forever. While it is not attractive to be over-confident or cocky, it is good to have confidence. You don’t want to be afraid to talk to her or afraid to ask her out because she might say no. When you never take that chance, you never know. It’s possible she’s been waiting all this time for you to ask. Also, how will you handle problems or challenges that come across in your relationship and your  lives if you are too afraid of rejection to even take that step in the first place? Let go and trust God.

Afraid to Show Emotions: Some men think they have to hold it all inside. Christian women want a man who is open and honest with them about the relationship as well as about their lives, their spirituality and their beliefs. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings about God and religion or your  feelings about her. Hiding your emotions could cost you the perfect girl.

Commitment Anxiety: It’s ok to be nervous about settling down with one person for the rest of your life but dating is essentially preparing you for that. If you are afraid of commitment, a Christian woman is probably going to feel like she is wasting her time with you. Sometimes this comes from past failed relationships or other problems left unresolved in your life. Get it taken care of so that you are fully ready to commit to the right woman once you find her.

Find Christian Love

You can find Christian love with the right person and you don’t have to compromise your morals or religious values to do so. If you avoid these common mistakes by single Christian men, you will greatly increase your chances of enjoying your dates and finding the right person for you.

Take some time to learn what you are looking for in a date and also to build your confidence and respect your own value and worth. This will all help you to find Christian love and avoid the mistakes that so many men make every day.