What Christian Girls Need to Know Before Dating

Dating in these times is never easy and it can be particularly difficult for those who are trying to live a clean and Christian life.  Christian girls in particular can have a difficult time because trying to maintain chastity when it seems like everyone else is not can make them feel left out.

There are shows on television that celebrate premarital sex and pregnancy not to mention the boys and men who do not understand how important this topic is for her.  So what does a Christian girl need to know before dating?  The following are some tips to make sure she stays safe while still attempting to find love:

  1. Date Men of Your Own Faith – While this is not something that is set in stone, it is always easier to date a man who feels and believes the same things that you do.  There are many different churches that have their own set of rules for their followers so if you are with someone who believes exactly the way you do, you do not have to explain yourself as much.  When you say you want to wait until marriage, he will understand and will not pressure you to do things you are uncomfortable with.
  2. Only Date a Man who is Responsible – The best thing a Christian girl can do is date a man who is already responsible in his life.  This means he should already have a job and should be self sufficient.  If he cannot even bother to work to support himself, then he is not a good provider and would not provide for you and the children should you have any.  He would probably not be responsible enough to allow you to maintain your chastity until the wedding night.
  3. He Honors God as You Do – You want a man who honors God as much as you do because at the end of the day, what do is for Him.  You want your children to grow up knowing God as you do and having a husband who honors Him as well makes this much easier.  A man who does not have the same honor you do may not allow you to take the children to church and may not want them to have the same faith.  He may even attempt to keep you from your faith so this is a very important tip.
  4. Ask God for Guidance – Once you have met a man who you enjoy spending time with, who has the same beliefs, is responsible and honors God, you should pray for guidance.  Only God knows who you should be with and you should leave the decision in his hands.  He will let you know if you are making the right decision.  There are no questions; you will simply know in your heart what you must do and if the man you like is the right one for you.

Christian Girls Can Find a Godly Man

If you follow the above tips then you do not have to worry about whether or not you have found the right man.  The answer will be right in front of you.  Just keep in mind that a man who loves God and who loves you would never ask you to do anything that would make you uncomfortable or that would compromise your faith.

He will honor you as a woman and will wait for the wedding night to consummate the relationship if that is how you feel.  He will also want the children to be raised with the love of God that you both feel.  There are good men out there and dating can be a wonderful time in your life, you just have to be careful and know who you are dating before you give your heart to him.

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