Christian Approved Date Ideas

Are you a Christian single or new to the dating scene and you want to find some good places to take a fellow Christian on a date? Maybe you’ve finally met someone you are interested in and want to spend some time enjoying a good time together. However, you want to make sure the date you choose remains in line with your Christian morals and values.

What may seem like such a simple task is often much harder than you think because of the pressures in our society today. It’s hard to go anywhere or do anything without being faced with opportunities to sin and to compromise your morals. It can be frustrating also to come up with unique date ideas, especially if one or both of you have been on the dating scene for awhile. Here are some Christian-friendly ideas to consider. Let them be a starting point for you to also add to the list and think of your own creative ways to plan a date.

Where to Go on Your Christian Date

Here are some great Christian approved date ideas:

Go on a Group Date: A group date with another couple (or several couples) to dinner and movies or some other planned activity may be just what you are looking for. This takes the pressure out of being alone in a romantic situation and when you go on a group date with other Christian couples, it holds you all accountable while also giving you a chance to meet new friends.

Volunteer Together: Here’s a great wait to test your date’s comfort level with volunteer work and to have fun together while doing something that helps others. You might go to a food shelter, a retirement home or a local cleanup effort together. Public service dates are a good chance to see if you and your date agree on topics of compassion and public service.

Christian Concert: What’s cooler than seeing your favorite Christian band perform with an interesting Christian single who shares your views? You will have loads of fun and make memories that will last a long time, even if you don’t continue to see one another.

Church Event/ Date Night: Many local churches now have church events or date nights. Some even have “singles nights” where you can bring a date to have wholesome, healthy fun and good times with other singles in your area. There may be concerts, games, food and more. Check with your church or organizations in your area to find out what’s available.

Sports Date: A good sports date can be a lot of fun, especially if your partner enjoys it as well. You could get tickets to go see a local pro sporting event or you could do something fun and active yourself. Try something new neither of you have ever done, go rock climbing or go skating. This will be a great way to see if your lifestyles are compatible when it comes to activity and it will be a lot of fun together.

Planning Your Christian Date

When it doubt about where to go and what to do, discuss it with your date. Sure, the element of surprise can sometimes be romantic but you want to be sure you both have fun and feel comfortable. There will be plenty of time for surprise dates once you get to know one another better. If you’re not sure what kind of date would be appropriate, just talk with your date about where he or she would like to go.

Avoid being alone at one or the other’s house or being in situations that might test your will if you are not ready for sex at this time (as most Christians agree to wait) or places where you might be tempted to drink alcohol (like clubs and bars). Avoid places that would make you or your date feel uncomfortable. Focus on having fun and getting to know one another better.

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